Who we are

Spinelli’s story begins in 1986 thanks to its founder, Marino Spinelli. Spinelli is a manufacturer that operates in the global market with the production of levelers and accessories for high quality machine tools.

Spinelli products are distinguished by technology, materials and workmanship. The quality, service and personalization of the product make Spinelli a reliable partner who works alongside the customer.

Thanks to the know-how and experience passed on to the sons by the founder Marino Spinelli, still at work, the Spinelli company is led by the brothers Davide and Marco Spinelli, respectively responsible for technology and production. In the 2000s the Company grew to reach foreign customers and markets. Today Spinelli sells its products in established markets, such as Europe and North America and in emerging economies such as China, India and South American countries.

Spinelli livellatori macchine industriali

Flexible production and customization

Production flexibility and product customization are the main characteristics of Spinelli.

Quality, Reliability and Convenience are the distinctive features of Spinelli products.

Spinelli is an “Artisan Industry”.

The organization is revolutionized, preparing itself as a “guardian service” alongside the machinery manufacturer, acquiring new internal professional skills.

  • In 2017 the Company moved to a larger plant.
  • Subsequently in 2018, Spinelli obtained the ISO 9001;2015 certification.
  • In the following years, Spinelli also added the “Made in Italy” and “Industry 4.0 certification”.
  • In May 2021, the Company transformed into Spinelli S.r.l. Machine Tool Accessories.