Assembly Service

Our assembly service includes measuring and positioning in the foundation before installing the machine. On request, we can also carry out the drilling of the holes for the anchor rod. We check the difference in the level of the floor or foundation which should be at the most at plus or minus 10mm.

Whether it is 5, 50 or 500 installation points, with our precise laser trackers and our many years of experience, we are able to set straightening elements for each machine in advance quickly and accurately.

The accuracy for measuring directional elements is :
direction X-Y: ± 0,5 mm
direction Z: ± 0,2 mm

Spinelli livellatori macchine industriali

Pre-Assembly Process

To start the pre-assembly, we need to receive the foundation drawing with all points clearly indicated, so that it can be imported into our laser station; these data are usually provided by the customer.

In addition to the foundation coordinates, we are also able to draw the coordinates for pallets, rail systems, other peripherals for machine tools.

We can also provide the coring service, where the anchor rods will be housed, or simply check the holes already done on the foundation.

Then we will check each levelers and the concrete will be poured into the fixing holes.

When the concrete has solidfied, the accuracy of the position of our levelers is re-checked, according to the coordinates provided.

Advantages of Pre-Assembly

  • Measurement is accurate and saves time by using a laser tracker;
  • The installation and alignment of the machine tool can being immediately after its arrival, since the levelers are already set and the concrete has already been poured;
  • Errors in the foundation, if any, are detected so that they can be corrected in good time;
  • The positioning of the machine on the foundation is precisely determined by the Spinelli levelers;
  • Thanks to the correct pre-setting of the Spinelli levelers, only a minimum alignment of the machine is enough.

With our assembly you can save time and costs in assembling the machine.