Spinelli Industrial Machine Fixing Levellers

Spinelli is a manufacturer that operates in the global market with the creation of leveling and accessories for machine tools of high quality.

The products are distinguished by Spinelli technology, materials and workmanship. The quality, service and product customization Spinelli make a reliable partner that works alongside the customer.

Industrial Machine Fixing Levellers

Spinelli Fixing Levellers are elements for leveling and anchoring on foundation machine tools and equipment. Thanks to Spinelli Fixing Levellers is easy and speed re-levelig machine tools on foundation in the years after installation. Spinelli Fixing Levellers series meet the specific requirements of machine tools on the market.



Spinelli accessories are integral and variant parts of Spinelli Fixing Levellers. We offer a first idea of standard accessories. We also manufacture accessories for special customer requests.


Installation Services

Spinelli Company offers a service of the installation all around the world. Spinelli technical guys install Fixing Levellers on foundation by specifical materials and equipment. So the machine can be easily located, installed and leveled. The technical drawings are imported into laser stations to respect and guarantee the technical design developed by the customer.


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