ES Levelers

Our levelers allow you to accurately install industrial machinery on the floor or embedded in concrete or steel foundations.

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Our levelers allow you to:

  • precisely level and align machinery;
  • over time, avoiding potential yielding of the worktop, ensuring maximum rigidity;
  • possibility of programming the re-leveling of the machine, without long and uneconomical machine and production stops;
  • have a complete integration between machinery and foundations;
  • reduce the high tensions and distortions of the base due to the stresses of the machinery during the processing phase;
  • isolate the foundations from the vibrations of the machinery with advantages on the future maintenance of the machinery itself.

ES levelers technical sheet

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Technical Data


ES leveler is used on machinery that doesn’t have the ability to be adjusted laterally but only accessible from above.

With ES leveler, the adjustment is made from the top, using the fixing scres. They have a height adjustment range from 8mm to 20mm.

Leveler’s load

ES I90108060860
ES II1202095701070
ES III24040115801285
ES IV3606014010016100
ES V60010017012520125

The choice of the Spinelli leveler must be made considering that the nominal load is greater than or equal to the maximum load of the machinery, the maximum allowable load is used to verify that the jack is not accidentally damaged during the leveling operations of the pallet during the installation of the machine.

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