Installation Services

Spinelli Company offers to its customers the Fixing Leveller installation service on end-user foundations. The installation service is strictly under procedure.

The installation procedure is carried out by phases and is constantly connected with the technical department of home.

The macro phases of the installation are:
  • Study and verification of the technical drawing
  • Verification and validation of the situation of foundations
  • Import of technical drawing in Laser Stations
  • Assembling and positioning of leveling
  • Leveling of Fixing Levellers
  • Grouting of leveling
  • Control and verification of the individual Fixing Leveller
  • Validation of the installation
  • Minutes final delivery installation

Handling and industrial machinery moving

Spinelli Company offers to customers the service of Fixing Levellers installation on end-user foundations.

The service is strictly under procedure.

The macro phases of the activities are:
  • Analysis and study of situation and needs
  • Project and plan of activities
  • Identification of resources and technologies needed
  • Actibities coordination and work supervision
  • Activities validation
  • Final minutes delivery

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